About Us

My goal with my sea glass company is to reach out to the community to show the beauty of sea glass and the arts that can be created by it. For years I have been searching beaches all over the Puget Sound and other remote beaches in Washington State looking for flawless tumbled sea glass.  

History of Puget Sound Sea Glass

My desire for collecting sea glass grew from my childhood memories of combing beaches with my family along the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. These fun and adventurous memories led me to share my joy of sea glass hunting with my family and friends. We enjoy hiking beaches along the Puget Sound and discovering all sorts of sea glass treasures.

My passion for arts and crafts has allowed my artistic imagination to create all types of sea glass art. Each sea glass artist has their own unique style which is evident in the artwork they produce. My dream is to continue to grow as an artist while creating pieces of sea glass art that connects with each person's artistic taste.

Our Customers

This website is designed for sea glass enthusiasts who have the passion for collecting and creating art made from it.